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Learn how to manipulate the sale price of the vehicle, down payment and loan terms to maintain the profit margin for the dealership while yielding a monthly payment or final cost the customer is happy with using car sales training tips. Understand how each factor (price, trade, down-payment) affects the dealerships profit and seller commissions.

Learn how to discuss the deal without scaring customers away. Of the customers who leave the dealership, over two thirds say there was a car they wanted but couldn’t bear to deal with the salesman or the sales process. Learn how to negotiate without driving the other party away. Avoid pricing discussions as long as possible, and minimize discussing the overall cost of the vehicle over the life of a loan or total purchase price relative to monthly payments the customer can afford (especially if the dealership profits from auto loans). Manipulating the trade in value of the car is a way to lower the official cost of the new vehicle without actually impacting profit. If the customer cannot afford the vehicle at current terms, suggest more cash down or a longer note.

Duane Marino Automotive Sales Tip:

Balance mirroring the customer’s body language with mimicry. Where practical, model their body language like leaning forward when they do or taking a similar stance. However, looking as if you are a mime will make many people uncomfortable. Learn what to do and not to do from the professionals in online car sales training.

Build a sales funnel to generate more qualified leads, better capture the leads you have and convert them into showroom floor visits. Train staff to winnow interested buyers from casual shoppers who go look at new cars when bored or simply want to test drive a new vehicle to take advantage of your latest promotion. Work with your sales people and train them via online automotive sales training to improve their closure rate so you sell more units for the same floor traffic. Then tie after-sale care with your marketing efforts, continually bringing new car buyers back in for maintenance, product recalls and service so that they will look to you first when they are ready to replace the vehicle. Let the experts tell you how to build a broad sales funnel and increase conversions, increasing sales without doubling sales force or cutting short the time with each customer.

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Recognize that buying a car is an emotional experience for many customers. They need a way to get around. Which car they pick is based on emotional factors. Which car makes them excited to drive it or relieved to have enough space for kids and gear? Which vehicles are comfortable to sit in and reassuring to drive because it is safe for parents and children alike? Which deals make them feel comfortable with the purchase price or thrilled at the low monthly payment? The logic kicks back in when the negotiation starts, and the lists of numbers turn the deal into a rational transaction. Many people who fall in love with a car will mournfully refuse a deal if the monthly payment is more than they can afford and hate you for pushing them to stretch their budget; they’ll imagine what they have to give up to get the car if you add too many extras. Learn the right questions to ask and answers to give to make the sale via automotive sales training videos.